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Tips and tricks[ | ]

Navigating the Map[ | ]

  • There are three ways to navigating the map:
    • Using the WASD keys
    • Using the arrow keys
    • Right clicking and dragging
  • There are two ways to cycle through the current reporter:
    • Clicking on the up and down arrow keys
    • Using the Q and Z keys to move back and forth through the reporters
  • Pro Tip: If you get used to using your left hand to move around the map using the WASD keys and the Q and Z keys to cycle the reporters, your right hand will never have to leave the mouse! This is useful for snagging stories, ads, and reporters that are about to expire from the map.

Strategies in Hiring Reporters[ | ]

  • Try to hire reporters who like a wide variety of types of stories.
  • Try to match the balance of Conservative and Liberal employees to the political bend of the subscribers.
  • Reporters can have 1, 2, or 3 different topics they like; generally, it is easier to be able to assign stories to reporters if they like multiple topics.
  • You cannot fire a reporter in the map; you can only fire a reporter from the Reporter button in the Office before a new day is begun.

Strategies in Assigning Stories[ | ]

  • Match the stories to the types of stories a Reporter likes.
  • You can only assign a story to the currently selected reporter. Do not click on the story until you have the correct reporter selected.
    • Pro tip: use the Q and Z keys to rapidly cycle through your reporters to match to stories.
  • When a story is about to expire and disappear from the map, you will see a red blinking circle.
    • Pro tip: Clicking on a story to assign it will halt the clock; however, if you cancel the assignment, the story will disappear.
  • If no stories currently are on the map, be sure to move around!
  • If you have assigned all reporters stories, keep looking for stories that have more stars; these will score more points.

Becoming Profitable[ | ]

  • When you start the game, you will rely on working capital and advertisements to pay your monthly bills.
    • Keep an eye on where you are in the month - you will want to have enough funds to pay your bills at the end of the month.
    • Work on gaining enough savings to pay operations costs and keep a cash reserve before you purchase too many upgrades.
  • If you make good decisions, you will become profitable.
    • Profitability can happen as early as Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.
    • Once you are profitable:
      • At the end of the month, you will be paid money, instead of working from your savings!
      • You will still want to keep a cash reserve, as events may come up that drain your bank account.

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