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Stories are what makes up the content in your newspaper. Every hour there is a chance for new stories to appear on the map. Clicking on a story will open a prompt, asking if you want to assign it to the currently selected reporter. If the active reporter already has a story assigned, that story will be discarded if replaced.

All stories have a set of stats which are combined with those of the reporter writing it. The result is an importance score, which influences many things including the number of new subscribers attracted per issue, and the overall game score.

The final score/importance of a story is not determined until the paper goes to print. At that time, things like placement on the front page, reporter happiness and upgrades will have further modified its base score.


  • Scope = This (hidden) value symbolizes the impact this story might have.
  • Wordcount = This is a pseudo-random number, multiplied by the scope of the story.
  • Genre = Each story falls into one of several types of content.
  • Politics = This (hidden) value will pull the bias of the story either left or right. Partly random, partly determined by the story genre.
  • Stars = On the map, stories have a number of stars to indicate their base importance.
  • Base Importance = Partly based on the scope and wordcount, part random, this value is used when calculating the final score.