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Above the Fold generates Reporters with random stats and names, that you can hire and assign Stories to.

Female Reporter
Male Reporter

Reporter Stats[ | ]

You can see a reporter's base statistics before hiring them, and a recap of current stats for Reporters that you have hired in Manage Reporters. Here's what the statistics mean.

  • Skill = A reporter's raw talent, applied to any story they work on. This number never changes.
  • Level = Works the same as Talent, but increases once per in-game year, as the reporter gets more experience or when they are the top story reporter in an Award Winning issue.
  • Happiness = Percentage based, also determines how much of their skill and level is applied towards their work. Changes over time.
  • Political bias = Reporters have their own beliefs, which will influence the stories they write.
  • Likes = Reporters have 0-3 story genres they prefer to write about. The produce better work and gain happiness when working on such stories.
  • Dislikes = Reporters have 0-2 story genres they dislike. They produce sub par work and lose happiness when working on these.
  • Personality Traits = Reporters have 0-3 personality traits assigned, which may impact a story's value, depending upon the story genre

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