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Manage Reporters

Under Manage Reporters, you can get an overview of your current staff. Select a reporter by clicking their name. You can Fire reporters you are dissatisfied with, or offer a raise to one or more reporters. These actions have consequences, of course.

  • When you Fire a reporter, there is a chance the remaining reporters lose some of their Happiness from seeing a coworker go.
  • When you give a reporter a raise, their monthly salary goes up by 5%, thus raising your total overhead.
  • Reporters with an checkbox next to their name are working on a story that will take more than one day to complete.

When no reporter is selected on this screen, you have the option to buy all your reporters lunch (Quick TIP: if you have a reporter selected, clicking on the reporter's name will unselect the reporter). The cost depends on the size of your staff. If click it, there is a chance for each reporter to get a small Happiness boost. This can be repeated as many times as you can afford.

When a reporter is selected, you can use the Up and Down Arrow Keys to cycle through them all.

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