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Manage Reporters[ | ]

Manage Reporters

Under Manage Reporters, you can get an overview of your current staff.

Select a reporter by clicking their name. Once a reporter is selected, you can either click on another reporter to see their details, or you can use the Up and Down Arrow Keys to cycle through the reporter list.

You can Fire reporters you are dissatisfied with, or offer a raise to one or more reporters. These actions are performed one at a time by selecting first selecting a reporter, and then clicking the appropriate button. These actions have consequences, of course.

  • When you Fire a reporter, there is a chance the remaining reporters lose some of their Happiness from seeing a coworker go.
  • When you give a reporter a raise, their monthly salary goes up by 5%, thus raising your total overhead.
  • Reporters with an checkbox next to their name are working on a story that will take more than one day to complete.

When no reporter is selected on this screen, you have the option to buy all your reporters lunch (Quick TIP: if you have a reporter selected, clicking on the reporter's name will unselect the reporter). The cost depends on the size of your staff. If click it, there is a chance for each reporter to get a small Happiness boost. This can be repeated as many times as you can afford.

Reporter Details[ | ]


Reporter Details

Detail about a reporter appears in the right hand pane when you click on a reporter, including:

  • Age
  • Number of Top Stories = The number of issues where this reporter has had the Top Story
  • Social Status
  • Personality Traits = Reporters have 0-3 personality traits assigned, which may impact a story's value, depending upon the story genre
  • Names and ages of children

To Cycle through the reporters, you can either click on another reporter, or use the up and down arrow keys. If you wish to deselect all reporters, click on the selected reporter, or press the right arrow key.

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