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Celebrities may appear as spokespeople for Advertisers or may be attached to a Story. They amplify the effect of whatever they are attached to. When a celeb is attached to a story, her opinion of the newspaper may change as a result of it.

If the opinion is already positive, there is 67% chance it will improve even more and 33% it will drop slightly. Likewise, the other direction. When celeb opinions change, they may speak out for or against the newspaper, which will create either bonus subscribers or a wave of angry letters.

When attached to an advertisement, the celebrity may block you from picking that ad up, if they dislike your newspaper.

Celebrity List (name, associated genre, title)[ | ]

  • Barry Gumshoe, Crime, Police Commissioner
  • Beauregaard Cratt, Politics, City council member
  • Ben Overhill, Entertainment, Street performer
  • Blake Flair, Fashion, Fashion photographer
  • Bob Jenkins - Entertainment, Film director
  • Buster Price, Business, Retail CEO
  • Cam Spacey, Arts and Culture, Sci-fi author
  • Chris Sumguy, Entertainment, Movie actor
  • Claus von Schnobb, Arts and Culture, Playwright
  • Dana von Rheim, Arts and Culture, Poet
  • Dianne Flowers, Climate, Political activist
  • Diego Dinero, Business, Real estate mogul
  • Dr. Freddy Wells, Local News, Medical doctor
  • Dr. Magnus Fyer, Science, Research scientist
  • Dr. Mentaro, Climate, Documentary maker
  • Dr. Polly Schmartz, Science, Professor
  • Dusty Thomson, History, Librarian
  • Gary Manderin, Politics, Senator
  • Hank Strong, Local New, Fire chief
  • Hans Toss, Sports, Quarterback
  • Inga Stikks, Fashion, Fashion model
  • Jerome Gears, Off-Beat, Inventor
  • Joe Black, Local News, Coffee shop owner
  • Joe Hart, Sports, Retired athlete
  • Kara Bean, Global conflict, Retired sniper
  • Keenan Fields, Sports, Talent scout
  • Kellum Ded, Crime, Serial killer
  • Leroy Jenkins, Global Conflict, Security consultant
  • Linda Hands, Economy, Bank director
  • Linda Spendz, Fashion, Fashion blogger
  • Lisa Hounds, Local News, Dog walker
  • Lotta Phartts, Entertainment, Comedian
  • Mary Perkins, Politics, Mayor
  • Max Steele, Global Conflic, Political Analyst
  • Max Vault, Off-Beat, Oddity collector
  • Mona Baggs, Local News, Homeless spokesperson
  • Mort Gauge, Economy, Real estate analyst
  • Ole Fender, Crim, Career criminal
  • Olga Speculante, Economy, Investment banker
  • Paige Turner, Arts and Cultur, Author
  • Paula Eeks, Politics, Spin doctor
  • Randy Rhodes, Local News, City planner
  • Rex Justice, Crime, Sheriff
  • Ron Fastermann, Sports, Head coach
  • Tara von Schipps, Business, Entrepreneur
  • Taylor Smooth, Entertainment, Pop star
  • Thor Naido, Climate, Meteorologist
  • Vera Longago, History, Historian
  • Vinnie Loudah, Fashion, Fashion designer
  • Wally Whack, Off-Beat, Performance artist

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