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Advertisers are crucial in supporting your newspaper and having it make a profit, especially as you add upgrades and more reporters to your pool.

Each new chapter in the game unlocks a new set of potential advertisers. As your newspaper grows, bigger companies with larger ad campaigns become available.

Besides being associated with a specific Chapter, which influences the size and duration of the Advertisement they want to buy, each advertiser has its own set of stats. The stats are randomly generated at the beginning of each chapter, only the name and chapter association remains the same from game to game.

The availability of individual advertisers depends on whether your newspaper's political bias and age group spread matches the interest of the advertiser. The advertiser may also have a Celebrity spokes person, which can affect your ad availability further.

Many names of the individual advertisers are plays on or satirical references to actual businesses.

List of advertisers[ | ]

  • Chapter 1
    • Ann's Hand Painted Signs
    • Aunt Frida's Fried Chicken
    • Better Bouquet Flowers
    • Breaky Car Rentals
    • Chuck's 24-hour Chinese
    • Diana's Driving School
    • Don's Deli
    • Final Bow Funeral Services
    • Goodbury Cabs and Limo
    • Goodbury Eggs
    • Harry's Heels Shoe Repair
    • La Bourse Boutique
    • Leo's Guitar Repair
    • Nick Ohn Photography
    • No-Drops Moving Co.
    • No-Fuss Notaries
    • Pablo's Perfect Pizza
    • Patty's Pottery
    • Rinky Dink Dollar Store
    • Sunny's Sandal Store
    • Termite Terminator Pest Control
    • The Goodbury Choir
    • Vorhees Blade Sharpening
    • Whimsy Hair and Beard Salon
    • ZX81 Art Collective
  • Chapter 2
    • A. Chaser, Personal Injury Law
    • Caveat Accounting
    • Cool Kids Clothing Club
    • Ding-Dong Disco and Bar
    • Double Beat Records
    • Ever and Ever Wedding Planners
    • Flush-Again Plumbing
    • Fully Loaded Gun Store
    • Goodbury Brewing Co.
    • Goodbury Chocolates
    • Goodbury Local History Museum
    • Goodbury Maid Services
    • Hot Heirlooms Jewelry
    • Iron Thumb Sports Massage
    • Night Shift Security
    • No Trouble Temp Service
    • Phancey Pheasant Gourmet Bistro
    • Skinny Dip Soaps
    • Slam Dunk Sports Bar
    • SuperChill A/C Installers
  • Chapter 3
    • Crunchy Crust Donuts
    • GB Movie Theaters
    • GB Real Estate
    • Generic General Stores
    • Go-Away-Stay Travel Agency
    • Goodbury Brats Roller Derby
    • Goodbury Department Stores
    • Goodbury Zoo
    • Home Improvement King
    • Hotel Goodbury Royale
    • Platter Satellite TV
    • SaveCo Inc
    • Scurry Mobile Services
    • Suburbia Max Casino
    • Top Notch Design Studio
  • Chapter 4
    • Carburetor Guitars
    • Dr. Slim, Cosmetic Surgeon
    • Goodbury Theater Company
    • Guzzler Cars
    • Justin Case, Private Eye
    • Melon Computers
    • O'Donnel Burritos
    • Spacegoat Coffee
    • Visage Vista Cosmetics
    • ZapZap Electronics
  • Chapter 5
    • AgriScience
    • Bank of Goodbury
    • Bast Beauty and Hygiene
    • Bottom Line Wealth Management
    • Goodbury International Airport
    • Goodbury Tower Business Services
    • Mahjong Pizza
    • MegaChain Supermarkets
    • Super Big Time Productions
    • U-Claim Insurance

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