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Above the Fold is an upcoming game being developed by Rasmus Rasmussen.

About[ | ]

Ever wanted to run a newspaper? The year is 1998 and the future has arrived. Flip phones are hot and some people are even using electronic mail! This is the end of the golden age of print media, and you’ll be running the show!

This is Above the Fold, a newspaper simulation game coming to Steam.

Grow that tiny, local rag into a media power house with 1 million Subscribers within 10 years — and you’ll win the game. Can you adapt, as email takes over from fax machines, and something called “weblogs” appear to compete with the real news? Will you turn it into a specialty magazine, a tabloid or an international news leader?

You’re the editor in chief but there is also the eccentric Owner to please, and the ever-important Advertisers. Let’s not forget the Subscriber base, even though it starts out rather small.

Features[ | ]

  • Grow from small rag to international media power house!
  • Hire/manage and fire unique reporters
  • Match stories with reporter interest for better articles
  • Attract advertisers and subscribers based on your choices
  • Make decisions based on scripted, random and timed events.
  • Keep your reporters happy so they don’t quit
  • Win awards for excellent reporting

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